Radar Screensaver

Radar Screensaver

Radar Screensaver can turn your video display into a sky-watching radar screen

Have you ever wanted to be a flight controller? Would you like to work in front of a radar screen, guiding dozens of aircrafts flying around your area? Can you imagine the thrill of bringing all those airplanes down to safety while avoiding mid-air collisions and flight delays? Then the Radar Screensaver is for you!

Radar Screensaver is an innovative and visually stunning software that can turn your PC desktop into a fascinating sky-watching radar screen. It ‘detects’ all flying objects, identifies their type, speed and flight course, and simulates movement across the entire airspace within its range of the ‘virtual’ antennas.

This process is displayed in real time on your screen as if you were sitting in the chair of a real air traffic controller.

If you have two or more monitors connected to your PC, it is possible to configure the screensaver to show either the same or different scenarios and displays. This can transform your workplace into something similar to a real airspace observation post. You can also select the display resolution and color quality of each monitor.

The simulation is so realistic that you will feel all the excitement of a real flight controller. The screensaver includes plenty of features found in real life air traffic controller consoles. A rotating line, radar beam reflecting from flying objects, clouds and terrain around the site. You will be provided with all the necessary information about every object on the screen as well as realistic sounds.

The screensaver includes a Satellite-powered Identification System that supports more than 60 different types of flying objects. It shows the direction in which the objects are moving, as well as the distance between them and their altitude.
Most settings are configurable to provide you with an experience that will probably make you forget you are watching a screensaver instead of the real thing.

Another interesting feature of this screensaver is the ability to post a message on the screen that will appear when an attempt to close the screensaver is made.

Download this superb screensaver today, but be careful, you might end up watching it for hours and forget about resuming your work!

Fernando Soni
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  • Excellent simulation
  • Lots of features and different screens


  • Can be too much for some people
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